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Electric Wheelchair Hockey E-Hockey Torpedo-Hockey Electric-Wheelchair Sports EWH-League Torpedo Ladenburg Electricwheelchair 1st EWH-League Martinschool Ladenburg Electricwheelchairsport Electric-Wheelchair-Hockey-Sport EWH League Torpedo Electric Wheelchair-Sport Torpedo Hockey-Trikot Wheelchair E-Chair Hockeystick AC-Weinheim Athletik Club Weinheim AC 1892 Weinheim e.V. Torpedos. In this League played the Clubs: Munich Animales, Hurricanes Bochum, Ruhrrollers Essen, Kleine Haie Köln, Ball Busters Würzburg, Black Knights Dreieich, Nording Bulls Lohmen, Rolli Teufel Ludwigshafen, Rocky’s Rolling Wheels, Star Driver Bad Kreuznach. The Team of Torpedo Ladenburg players: Olga Ulrich, Anton Wachner, Christin Kunath, Heiko Schmidt, Joerg Diehl, Thomas Schmidt, Ramazan Sahin, Goerkem Oguz, Ronnie Rapp, Paul Emmering and Coach Deniz Genc. Torpedo-Hockey Website by Holger Naves and Torpedo Ladenburg
E-Hockey History
When electric wheelchair drivers first met in 1976, all they needed was a tennis ball and a hockey stick to play electric wheelchair hockey for the first time. The fun of movement was put first. At that time, nobody considered sports events or even thought of participating in international tournaments.

Nevertheless, that should change soon. The wooden hockey stick was replaced by a lighter version made of plastic and the tennis ball gave way to a Uni-Hockey ball with holes. Meanwhile, all over the world high-class tournaments are taking place every year, during which individual teams demonstrate their skills in their wheelchairs at a speed of 10 km/h. Most teams were formed at residential care facilities and schools for physically disabled – just like the Torpedos at Martinsschule in Ladenburg.

In this handicapped sport, the Netherlands are the international model. For years, there has been a three-league-system for Wheelchair Hockey and a lot of sponsors in the Netherlands. In Germany a two-league-system was established just recently in 2005.

The E-Hockey rules are place on the Official E-Hockey Association Site to assure a guaranteed status quo.

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