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Electric Wheelchair Hockey E-Hockey Torpedo-Hockey Electric-Wheelchair Sports EWH-League Torpedo Ladenburg Electricwheelchair 1st EWH-League Martinschool Ladenburg Electricwheelchairsport Electric-Wheelchair-Hockey-Sport EWH League Torpedo Electric Wheelchair-Sport Torpedo Hockey-Trikot Wheelchair E-Chair Hockeystick AC-Weinheim Athletik Club Weinheim AC 1892 Weinheim e.V. Torpedos. In this League played the Clubs: Munich Animales, Hurricanes Bochum, Ruhrrollers Essen, Kleine Haie Köln, Ball Busters Würzburg, Black Knights Dreieich, Nording Bulls Lohmen, Rolli Teufel Ludwigshafen, Rocky’s Rolling Wheels, Star Driver Bad Kreuznach. The Team of Torpedo Ladenburg players: Olga Ulrich, Anton Wachner, Christin Kunath, Heiko Schmidt, Joerg Diehl, Thomas Schmidt, Ramazan Sahin, Goerkem Oguz, Ronnie Rapp, Paul Emmering and Coach Deniz Genc. Torpedo-Hockey Website by Holger Naves and Torpedo Ladenburg
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Dear Visitor,
On our homepage, we provide an insight of the “Electric Wheelchair Hockey World”. As you probably can imagine, there are little as well as big problems related to this sports activity.

Electric Wheelchair Hockey is the only sport available to electric wheelchair drivers! Unfortunately, this wonderful sport is not approved by our health insurance system. The insurance companies make it difficult for us to use our wheelchairs for sport events because they want to avoid having to pay for possible repairs.
In order to avoid problems we rely on financing our own electric wheelchairs. These wheelchairs are very expensive due to the fact that they need to be adapted to each individual’s handicap. Very few are able to raise the finances for their hobby.

Further problems arise with trips to tournaments. Electric wheelchairs are rather large and need quite a bit of room. In such cases, we depend on renting an expensive bus that is adequate for wheelchairs or we have to drive with several privately owned vehicles.
Other cost factors are entry fees for tournaments, spare parts for wheelchairs, rent for a sports hall, boards, specially adapted sticks, balls, diverse insurances, dues to the Wheelchair Association etc.
For the most part, each player has to finance his hobby out of his own pocket. That again hinders financially disadvantaged wheelchair drivers to participate in sport at all. For this reason we are anxious to get as many people as possible enthused about Electric Wheelchair Hockey and, if they are able to do so, support us financially so that we can continue to be successful with our sport in the future.

If we have sparked your interest in our sport or if you can identify with our concept, we would appreciate your engagement as a longterm sponsor. In return, we not only offer you advertisement on our homepage but also permanent advertising on our wheelchairs or jerseys.

We would also be thrilled about a one-time contribution. This would help us a great deal. Of course, each donor will receive a contribution receipt.

Please transfer your contribution, marked with "DONATION HOCKEY" and your full address in the field for ‘intended purpose’, to:
Heidelberger ERHC 1988 e.V. – Torpedo Ladenburg
IBAN: DE37 6725 0020 0009 2348 10   BIC: SOLADES1HDB, Sparkasse Heidelberg

If you have questions, or would like more specific information, or would prefer to talk to us personally, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your interest!

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