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Electric Wheelchair Hockey E-Hockey Torpedo-Hockey Electric-Wheelchair Sports EWH-League Torpedo Ladenburg Electricwheelchair 1st EWH-League Martinschool Ladenburg Electricwheelchairsport Electric-Wheelchair-Hockey-Sport EWH League Torpedo Electric Wheelchair-Sport Torpedo Hockey-Trikot Wheelchair E-Chair Hockeystick AC-Weinheim Athletik Club Weinheim AC 1892 Weinheim e.V. Torpedos. In this League played the Clubs: Munich Animales, Hurricanes Bochum, Ruhrrollers Essen, Kleine Haie Köln, Ball Busters Würzburg, Black Knights Dreieich, Nording Bulls Lohmen, Rolli Teufel Ludwigshafen, Rocky’s Rolling Wheels, Star Driver Bad Kreuznach. The Team of Torpedo Ladenburg players: Olga Ulrich, Anton Wachner, Christin Kunath, Heiko Schmidt, Joerg Diehl, Thomas Schmidt, Ramazan Sahin, Goerkem Oguz, Ronnie Rapp, Paul Emmering and Coach Deniz Genc. Torpedo-Hockey Website by Holger Naves and Torpedo Ladenburg
Heidelberger ERHC 1988 e.V. – Torpedo Ladenburg
Torpedo Ladenburg was established in 1988, during a hockey workshop at Martinsschule, Ladenburg. That workshop was intended to offer electric wheelchair drivers the opportunity to be active in sports. In time, our team participated in more and more tournaments and, thus, became well-known within Germany as well as the neighbouring countries. During all these years, we were, and still are, supported by a number of teachers of and individuals doing national civilian service at Martinsschule as well as volunteers who all are honorary helpers. However, years passed and more and more players of the Torpedo team graduated from Martinsschule and left to continue their education at other schools.

For that reason, the training location was changed to a gymnasium in Wieblingen, in order to let other wheelchair drivers have a chance to play electric wheelchair hockey. Some new players joined the team, others left for personal reasons. Late 1998, Torpedo Ladenburg joined the association KSG Heddesheim to increase the potentiality for continuing existence. Unfortunately, the parties’ conceptions of how things should be done were too divers and caused a split after about two years. During this time, we were quite successful and always managed to reach one of the three best places during tournaments.

After the split, the „clubless“ Torpedos experienced their most successful era. Our new trainer, Deniz Genc, formerly having done his national civilian service at Martinsschule, shaped our group into a first-class team enabling us to win numerous international tournaments. Nevertheless, our problems increased because without belonging to an association regular training was hardly possible. We met briefly before tournaments and organized training camps. However, it became increasingly difficult to beat allegedly weaker opponents. ...
Paul Emmering
Steinhofweg 18/1
DE - 69123 Heidelberg
Phone: +49 (0) 62 21 - 67 32 256
Members and sponsors Office
Sylvia Emmering
Gaustraße 62
DE - 67595 Bechtheim
Phone: +49 (0) 62 42 - 64 91
Contact For Tournaments
Veronica Conceicao
Ifangstraße 81d
CH – 8153 Rümlang
Phone: No indication
Contact For EWH-League
Olga Ulrich
Feldbergstraße 70
DE - 68163 Mannheim
Phone: +49 (0) 62 1 - 97 60 85 30
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